Friday, 1 January 2016


From the 1971 LION & THUNDER Holiday Special comes this
New Year gift to you - designed to stimulate your mind and help clear
the alcohol-induced fog resulting from last night's drunken carousings.  Of
course, being a lifelong teetotaler, I don't have that problem - my only
after-effect is a case of burping and farting from all the cola I drank.

Yeah, I know - too much information.  Now see if you
can spot the clue with Highway Patrolman ZIP NOLAN.


SCOOP said...

Great stuff and some nice artwork. I must admit I preferred Valiant as opposed to Lion, or Tiger (I tend to consider those type of adventure comics the big three), although, even if I didn't have them all on regular order at the local newsagent,I always seemed to have access to them all, one way or another (wet playtimes at school or mates who had them, for example) so, although I might not follow their stories each week, I did know all the characters, especially Zip Nolan with that little crime solving puzzle in his one off story.

Kid said...

Yeah, these were the days, Scoop! I didn't buy them either, but know about the characters in the same way that you did. I did start buying Valiant when Smash! was merged into it (and TV21), and Lion when Thunder was merged into it 'though.

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