Tuesday, 26 January 2016


H'mm, looks as if this 'ere blog of mine is becoming
increasingly popular.  Can anyone tell me what the average
stats are for a blog devoted to comics and stuff?  I think the
above numbers are quite respectable, but I won't know with
absolute certainty unless I have something with which to
compare.  Anyone help?


Anonymous said...

The average daily page-views for a comics blog is 994,000 so you're really unpopular, Kid :D

Kid said...

Ah, but you know how they work out averages, CJ. Averages never reflect reality. And my comics blog is the most popular in, er, my house.

TC said...

Statistically, the "average" family has 2.5 children and owns 1.5 cars.

And that half of a car is probably hard to drive.

Anonymous said...

Kid, you do realize I was joking, right ?

Unknown said...

Those stats look very healthy to me, Kid. The figures for my own blog are only about a fifth of yours. Then again, though, I probably only do a fifth as many posts as you do!

Kid said...

And that half of the child is probably hard to clothe, TC.


Gasp! Shock! Horror! Joking? That's not like you, CJ. I take every word you type as gospel. I feel cheated.


Yes, but your posts are probably about five times better than mine, Andrew, so it all levels out in the end.

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