Friday 30 June 2023

MARVEL's The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #s 121 & 122 Facsimile Editions...


Arrived today, these two great facsimile editions of The Amazing Spider-Man #s 121 & 122, featuring the death of Gwen StacyMarvel have done themselves (and us) proud with these issues, as not only do they contain the 'Continued Next Page' lines of the originals, but also the ads, as well as the 'plugs' for other comics at the foot of the pages (which all Marvel mags had for a time in the '70s).  Of course, I already have various single issue and collected edition reprints of these two tales, but having them exactly as originally presented is a plus - especially if, like me, you don't own the originals.  It would cost a pretty penny or two to purchase the '70s printings, so having these two facsimiles is the next best thing (and least expensive option).  Buy 'em today!

Wednesday 28 June 2023


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I bought the above TV Comic Annual for 1965 a week or two back and I've already added it to my previous Annual cover gallery post, but I thought I'd give it its own spot along with the Mighty Moth strips the book contains.  Mighty Moth is one of my favourite characters in any comic you care to name, and artist and writer (and editor) Dick Millington struck gold when he created the loopy lepidopteran.  So here for your enjoyment is the magnificent Mighty Moth from 1964/'65.

(Incidentally, the Annuals for 1964 and '65 were the only ones to feature both Supercar and Fireball XL5 on the covers, though the one for 1963 had Supercar on the cover.)  Click on images to enlarge, then click again for optimum size.


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Hands up if you bought The Crunch comic back in the day, Crivvies.  It hit the shelves around two years after 2000 A.D., and I always thought it was intended as DCT's answer to IPC's smash hit, which is still being published today.  Well, okay, it's perhaps more accurate to describe it as half an answer as the contents weren't exclusively SF, but the 'tone' of the periodical was very similar to its rival and contained one or two SF strips over the course of its 54 issue run.

So live again those heady days of your youth by drinking in the images on display, then share your thoughts on this classic publication of yesteryear in our comments section. 

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