Sunday, 9 June 2013


Ye old blog host hasn't been feeling too well for the last couple of
days so new posts have been a bit thin on the ground.  However, to try
and make up for it, here's a reprint from WHAM! that appeared in the
1976 FRANKIE STEIN Summer Special.  The reproduction of these
original KEN REID classics wasn't that great in the reprints, but
hopefully you'll enjoy seeing it in colour for the first time.

The only other times (that I know of ) where Frankie appeared in
colour were in the '66 & '67 Wham! Annuals, so it wasn't too common
an occurrence.  I also own the original Wham! issue in which this strip
was first published, but, alas, it's in a bound volume which I can't open
wide enough to scan properly in order to provide a comparison.
And I think that's a ROBERT NIXON illustrated logo adorning
the strip, replacing the original Ken Reid one, but it's hard for me to
say with any certainty as the reproduction isn't too clear and I'm not
at my best at the moment.  Again, anyone else know for sure?


I've just discovered the existence of a book containing the
complete Frankie Stein and Jasper The Grasper strips, called KEN
REID IN WHAM!  There are photos at PHIL'S COMICS, where it
sold at auction for £68 back in 2011.  (The starting bid for another copy
was £100 in the same year.)  Apparently it was privately commissioned
by a collector who wanted all the Ken Reid Wham! strips in a single,
high-quality volume.  Can anyone supply any further details?


Andy Boal said...

I'll put my reputation on the line and say, yes, it is a Bob Nixon logo, or at the very very least, Bob Nixon lettering!

Kid said...

Andy, I'm pretty sure it's Nixon, now that I've had time to consider and the painkillers have kicked in. If I remember correctly, it's the same logo that graced Nixon's first Frankie strip in Shiver & Shake.

Anonymous said...

Whoever painted this page didn 't do it justice. The coloured pages of "Jonah" though (again by Reid) is a completely different story.

Kid said...

Indeed, but in the case of Jonah, the colour was applied at the time. With the Frankie page, a poor quality PMT or photocopy where the fine linework had dropped out was used.

PhilSee said...

Sorry to hear that you are unwell. At least if you are out of sorts on a week day you get a day off work - but on a weekend is just not fair!
This sorry page filler began its life in black and white clarity in Wham! 158, 24 June 1967 - and look at it now.
I have also been trying to unearth some background on the Ken Reid in Wham collection, all I have so far is that only 20 were printed and that there were companion volumes covering Ken's work in Smash! and Pow!. Beyond that I hope someone comes forward with the when and who for. Looking forward to more B&W un-vandalised Frankie in future - as always all posts much appreciated!

Kid said...

Hi Phil. Going by the photos of the book, it was indeed a lavish production. Now if only the current copyright holders of Frankie would publish their own version.

Crispynev said...

Doing my bit to help cheer up the Kid after his sickness, I'm happy to release my copy of Ken Reid in Wham back into the wild...

If the link doesn't work then entering "Ken Reid/2 into the ebay search engine should do the trick.

Kid said...

And here I thought you'd give it to me as a present. Tchah!

Kid said...

And I'm glad to say that I've just purchased Crispynev's Frankie Stein book for my own collection. How's that for fast work?

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