Sunday, 9 June 2013



Ye old blog host hasn't been feeling too well for the last couple of days so new posts have been a bit thin on the ground.  However, to try and make up for it, here's a reprint from WHAM! that appeared in the 1976 FRANKIE STEIN Summer Special.  The reproduction of these original KEN REID classics wasn't that great in the reprints, but hopefully you'll enjoy seeing it in colour for the first time.

The only other times (that I know of ) where Frankie appeared in colour were in the '66 & '67 Wham! Annuals, so it wasn't too common an occurrence.  I also own the original Wham! issue in which this strip was first published, but, alas, it's in a bound volume which I can't open wide enough to scan properly in order to provide a comparison.
And I think that's a ROBERT NIXON illustrated logo adorning the strip, replacing the original Ken Reid one, but it's hard for me to say with any certainty as the reproduction isn't too clear and I'm not at my best at the moment.  Again, anyone else know for sure?


I've just discovered the existence of a book containing the complete Frankie Stein and Jasper The Grasper strips, called KEN REID IN WHAM!  There are photos at PHIL'S COMICS, where it sold at auction for £68 back in 2011.  (The starting bid for another copy was £100 in the same year.)  Apparently it was privately commissioned by a collector who wanted all the Ken Reid Wham! strips in a single, high-quality volume.  Can anyone supply any further details?

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