Saturday, 29 June 2013


And now, a sensational Saturday treat for all you FRANKIE STEIN
fans - a full-colour 3-page fun-fest from the very first WHAM! Annual,
for 1966 (issued in Aug-Sept '65).  Drawn by the inimitable KEN REID,
it's sure to tickle your fancy and spruce up your sporran.  However,
don't take my word for it - read it for yourselves. 


PhilSee said...

Certainly brightened up my Saturday, which was in pretty good shape for a Saturday, you know, what with it being Saturday! Ken Reid should have written sitcoms - the way he sets up the gags and has all of the elements fall into place for the punchline. I could imagine Frankie as a sitcom. Which I guess it was, only running in print and not on the telly. Thanks for sharing.

Kid said...

A pleasure, Phil. I'm glad to know that someone's enjoying them. I suppose The Munsters was the closest we'll ever get to see of anything resembling Frankie in a sitcom. (Although Frankie was funnier.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kid. All these stories are totally new to me, as is 95% of your blog.
It was a good story, even if Frankie only appeared in just 6 panels (if you count the obscure 'photo' on the last panel) in 3 pages! I am sure Ken Reid could have fitted it all on 1 page if it was for the comic! It was interesting to see his art spread over more pages, because it looked just the same as when it was confined to only one.
I'm not sure about the colour palette, the only strong colour was the red tomato ketchup. Were the annuals printed on a heavier stock of paper in those days? Somewhat similar to blotting paper.
At first I even thought Frankie was missing on the cover. Was he not one of the most popular strips in Wham? Who drew the cover btw?
OMG - I found some of those 1960's Munster episodes so funny. It's amazing how many people, even kids I know who saw them on weekday mornings the BBC just 6 or 7 years ago!

Kid said...

The Wham! Annuals (the first 7 anyway) were printed on thicker, really smooth paper, not the 'blotting'-type paper of the usual Fleetway Annuals. Not sure who drew the cover to the 1966 one. What makes the story funny for me is the reporter kissing that check in the last panel - classic!

Anonymous said...

Actually the colours of the frankie pages look a lot better on my ipad.

Kid said...

The colours look fine on my screen - but I don't have an ipad to compare.

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