Sunday, 2 June 2013


To readers of a certain age, RON TURNER is perhaps best known
as the artist who drew close to half of the 104 DALEKS strip on the last
page of TV CENTURY 21 back in the '60s. He also did far more than that,
'though - illustrating such strips a RICK RANDOM, WONDER CAR,
STAR TREK and JUDGE DREDD in his long and illustrious career,
and illustrated many book covers and magazines.

Kids from the '50s to the '80s enjoyed Ron's dynamic and instantly
recognizable style, and I'm sure that their childhoods were all the more
fun for exposure to the rich and varied material that this truly talented
artist produced for for their entertainment and reading pleasure.

Here, from the 1967 TV21 THUNDERBIRDS SPRING EXTRA, is
a 6 page story featuring the gripping adventures of INTERNATIONAL
RESCUE! And there's more like this still-to-come, o frantic follower of
comic strip fashion - so stay tuned. You'll just kick yourself if you miss
any of the upcoming goodies still in store.


John Pitt said...

I reckon Ron could have done a great job with Dan Dare in the tabloid Eagle ( or did he ever do any strips that I don't know about? )

Kid said...

I'll have to check, but I've got a notion that he may have drawn something in one of the 'new' Eagle or Dan Dare Annuals. I could be wrong 'though.

DeadSpiderEye said...

I've got fond memories of his Wonder-car stuff but the work that really butters my biscuit is his Vargo Statten covers, The Sun Makers, Nebula X etcetera.

Kid said...

I've seen some of those covers, but I'm not terribly familiar with them. I'll have to refresh my memory and take another look.

PhilSee said...

Thanks again Kid - never seen these. Ron Turner had a real way with depicting all things mechanical no wonder he did so many Dalek strips. This also making him an ideal fit for Gerry Anderson's fondness for featuring amazing machines of one sort or another in his series.

Kid said...

And loads more to come (eventually), Phil. He did a nice strip for one of the Fireball Annuals back in the '60s that I'll post one day.

Anonymous said...

Kid,as an American who is definitely an anglophile and who has been fortunate to have spent some time in your country...I gotta say, the appeal of Thunderbirds is lost on me. No offense, I missing something?

Kid said...

Yup - a British childhood. You'll be saying you don't drink tea at 11 next. (What's the world coming to?) Never mind, we forgive you.

B Smith said...

"He did a nice strip for one of the Fireball Annuals back in the '60s that I'll post one day."

If it's the "Drifting Coffin" story from the '66 Annual, do it! That one featured a couple of spaceships I'd have been happy to see released as diecast toys/model kits.

Kid said...

B, that's the very one.

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