Thursday, 27 June 2013


Sometimes I astound myself with my generosity! Here am I, giving you
humour-hungry hounds three - count 'em, three - classic FRANKIE STEIN
strips by KEN REID, and I ain't even charging you a penny! I must be mad!
And what's more, these strips are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th tales ever to appear in
WHAM!, ODHAMS PRESS' short-lived '60s rival to D.C. THOMSON'S
BEANO. Wow! Just think - very nearly 50 years ago.
"But what happened to the first episode?" you may be asking. Fret not,
frantic ones - that can be found by simply clicking here. There - now your
joy is surely complete. (And if not, it should be.)
Look out for more Frankie Stein strips soon.


PhilSee said...

Good to see him back too. Reid had a great knack of coming up with an escalating sequence of calamities, to the point where they could not be contained in the one weekly instalment! Of course just add Franky to any situation and it's bound to go south. Just refresh my memory did any of the other humour strips continue over to the next week - other than Franky and Eagle Eye? Thanks for posting.

Kid said...

Phil, I may be wrong, but without digging through my back issues and going simply from memory, I think Queen of the Seas continued from time to time. And maybe even Thomson's Jonah - but I stand to be corrected if I'm mis-remembering.

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