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Only five more issues of The SUPER-HEROES to go after this
lot, MARVEL fans, before this series draws to a close.  Then I'll have to
start thinking about what to hit you with next.  It constantly amazes me to
think that, looking back, this title seemed to be around for a huge chunk of
my teenage years, but the reality is that it didn't even last a year.  Strange
that, eh?  That's happened with quite a few comics from my youth, such
as FANTASTIC (89 issues) and TERRIFIC (43 issues), to name
but two weekly periodicals from the '60s.

I mention them because The Super-Heroes reminded me of both
these esteemed comics, and ALF WALLACE worked on all three
titles, which perhaps explains the similarities (or perhaps not).  Any-
way, that's enough of my weary waffle, I'll now let you savour what
you came here to look at - the pictures themselves.  Enjoy.



baab said...

I have no memory of Bloodstone.
I do however remember Pat Boyette.
I also don't remember The Scarecrow,thank the lord !

Anonymous said...

That Thing vs. Hulk cover is really good - a UK cover of The Super-heroes that was well drawn, gasp !! But I had no interest at all in Spider-man vs. Superman - I hate those Marvel/DC crossovers, they are completely illogical (how come the Marvel/DC characters don't meet on a regular basis and if Namor and Aquaman are both king of Atlantis are there two Atlantises ?)

Kid said...

I'm surprised Marvel got away with the Scarecrow, Baab, as DC had their own version. Marvel also had an earlier version (to their 2nd one, not DC's), who was an adversary of Iron Man.


For a comics reader, CJ, you seem to have great difficulty sometimes in the required 'suspension of disbelief' faculty when it comes to reading them. The first Superman/Spider-Man team-up is a belter, and my attitude was simply to accept the premise of 'What If...Superman and Spider-Man co-existed in the same universe?' and enjoy it. Marvel has had more than one version of Atlantis (Kala, Queen of the Netherworld in Iron Man), so the idea that there could be two or three is not insurmountable - if the DC and Marvel universes co-existed.

Christopher Nevell said...

Like the X-Men, I'd switched across to the Titans by then. Giant-Man was hopelessly out of continuity (should have been the back up in Avengers 1 rather than Dr Strange) and the Thing should have been there sooner with those Marvel Two in One strips. Oh to have been the Marvel UK overlord picking and choosing which strips to reprint.

Paul McScotty- Muir said...

I liked the Super-Heroes during this period with the Thing team ups and Bloodstone, for me the title should have had these type of strips in it after the Surfer Surfers stories ended and perhaps it would have been more successful - saying that the Scarecrow for me, was just an awful character. Bloodstone had some great episodes in Rampaging Hulk magazine (US original) following his short run in Marvel Presents with John Buscema and Ruby Nebres doing some great art (to compliment the great Pay Boyette's work here) . I never really liked the idea of the Marvel- DC cross overs at the time although if it had been done a few years earlier I would have been in fanboy heaven- to date I have never read a single DC/Marvel cross over title something that 11 - 14 year old me would not have be hapPy at!

Kid said...

I hedged my bets by getting both titles, Chris. Yeah, sometimes the choice of contents was a bit of a mystery. Having said that, I enjoyed the Ant Man/Giant Man tales.


Ah, McScotty - you need to try and track down a copy of the 1991 softcover collection, Crossover Classics - ISBN # 0-87135-858-1. It contains the first four DC/Marvel crossovers.


Incidentally, I missed out #41 when I first posted this, but have now added it. That means I've deleted #46 (which CJ refers to in his comment), as it more properly belongs in the next and final part.

Phil said...

I remember that Thing cover when he gets his own series. Scarecrow , not a whit. I also like how they changed everything to metric even though we all still used feet and pounds.

Kid said...

And I'm still using feet and pounds, Phil. Guess I'll never learn those new-fangled ways.

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