Monday, 18 January 2016


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Two mags for the price of one this time around, peeps, with
ACTION COMICS #358 & 359.  The reason?  The tale is a
two-parter, and I thought it only right to showcase both issues at
the same time.  I associate both of them with my grandparents'
itchy red bed-settee, so must have taken them with me on
one of our regular Sunday visits back in the '60s.

The SUPERBOY back-up tale reminds me of that settee
on at least two occasions.  The one mentioned above, and a few
years later in the early '70s, when it was reprinted in a Superboy
Annual (if I recall rightly).  It was reprinted again in FOUR STAR
SPECTACULAR #3 in '76, which may well have been read
by me while again sitting on that same red settee on yet
another Sunday visit.

Remember me telling you about me and one of my boy-
hood buddies, JOHN FIDLER, sitting in the doorway of my
outside garden cellar while poring over a SUPERGIRL story and
deciding to create a potion for turning a KARA lookalike into a real
life Supergirl?  (When we'd both grown-up obviously.)  Well, there's
just something about the look of that back-up tale in ish #359
which suggests to me it may have been the one.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll have your own memories associated
with these two issues, so why not share them with the rest of us
in the comments section?  It'll make you feel good.


Paul McScotty- Muir said...

I always loved DCs covers from the late 60s - 1973 (ish) especially the ones by Neal Adams, Joe Kubert and Nick Cardy - Action 359 is one I have always fancied picking up - Superman was just great fun around this time.

Kid said...

Have you got #358, McS? 'Cos #359 is the 2nd part of the tale begun in the previous issue. Worth having both of them.

Philip Crawley said...

Always loved those Neal Adams covers. Looks like Curt Swan for the interior story (Anderson inks?), but any guesses on who drew the Supergirl story? Really was remiss of DC not to credit their creative talent. We had a lot of these turn up here in Australia, years after the original publication it seems, as black and white reprints, at least we got to see them at least and the covers were in colour in not the interiors.

Kid said...

I've tucked the comics away again, PC, so don't have them handy to study the art, but it looks like George Klein inks on the Superman tales, especially on the first one. Kurt Schaffenberger drew the Supergirl story, and Jim Mooney the Superboy one.

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