Friday, 29 January 2016


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Here's another belter of a book which you should have in your
private library - THE AVENGERS:  BEHOLD...The VISION.
With art by the two BUSCEMAs, COLAN, SMITH, and authored
by ROY THOMAS, what's not to like?  FORBIDDEN PLANET in
Glasgow currently has many of the EPIC COLLECTION volumes
on sale for a mere £19.99.  How can you go wrong?  Get 'round
there today and remind yourself that life is still worth living!


Rip Jagger said...

This one calls me like a siren. These are MY Avengers, the team as it was when I first found them and fell in love. It was during these issues that the book became my favorite title and remained so for many many years. Vision, Goliath, Ultron, Yellowjacket, Squadron Sinister, the Invaders (nearly) it's all so delightful. Big John Buscema (with George Klein), his brother Sal Buscema (with Sam Grainger), and Gene Colan - the art could not be better. I own the originals, I own the Essentials, I own many of the stories in other formats, but this one still sings out. One day I might take the plunge.

Rip Off

Kid said...

I already have various presentations of these tales myself, Rip, including a few original issues, but the book is such a handsome edition that it's well-worth owning just to have so many stories in one handy package. And Tom Palmer's inks on issue #s 75 & 76 are astounding. Jump! JUMP!

David S said...

Great book, some amazing stuff in here. I love Sal Buscema's double-page spread of the Avengers in Kang's throne room, stunning bit of work from a much underrated artist. And here's the proof (hope its OK to post a link):

Kid said...

Funnily enough, DS, I was looking at that double page spread last night. Thought it was great, but think the minion on the right of the pic is a bit too stiff and flat looking. That minor reservation apart - brilliant.

David S said...

There is something quite odd about that minion's right elbow, although since he appears not to be human, his joints might not work like ours do. Our Pal Sal obviously knows stuff about alien anatomy.

I have always loved the floating steps in that picture and ever since I first read that comic (at least 20 years ago) have a really strong instinct about what it would feel like to walk up them- I'd imagine it would be like stepping on laminate flooring that's been mounted on a thick layer of marshmallow: solid but with a gentle dip as you put your weight on it.

I have possibly overthought this.

Kid said...

It was more his entire right arm that didn't work for me, and the general stance of the character seems a bit awkward - almost as if he was an afterthought and drawn in a hurry. However, overall, it's a great piece.

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