Tuesday, 26 January 2016


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My desire to print these pages in their original sequence prevents me from juggling them in order to present the last two parts with eight pages each.  Therefore, this instalment has nine pages (on account of the middle ones being a two page tale) and the next and last part in this series will have seven.  Then you'll have the complete issue of WHIZZER  CHIPS #7 from 46-odd years ago.  Great, eh? 


Irmantas said...

You surely meant to say 46-odd years ago, didn't you? :)

Kid said...

Irmy, please pick whichever explanation suits you best.

1) Now that my deliberate mistake has lured you into commenting, Irmy, I can change it to what I meant to type.

2) The missing 10 years is covered by the 'odd' part of that sentence, Irmy.

3) Just a typo, Irmy, on account of the 3 being so close to the 4.

4) Oh dear, I've made a terrible mistake.

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