Saturday, 16 January 2016


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Ah, I well-recall the sense of anticipation I had as I waited, ill in bed,
for a pal to bring me the above superhero team-up on his way home from
work one evening.  And it was worth the wait as I felt better immediately.
Perhaps they should give out such periodicals on the NHS, as it was
certainly an effective medicine on that night back in 1976.


Phil said...

Kids today. They don't realize what a big deal this was. This was before massive cross pollination of writers and artists , DC and Marvel really were different companies with different appeal.

Kid said...

How different things are today, eh, Phil?

Rip Jagger said...

With the absolute avalanche of superhero movies these days and with the Justice League really happening and with Marvel getting control of Spider-Man again, is it too much to dream that this crossover might happen on the big screen? It seems not impossible, almost like it was for the comics back then.

Rip Off

Kid said...

It might be the only way for DC to have any luck with their movies outside of the Batman ones, Rip. I thought the layout for this book was very cinematic, and even back then thought it would make a spectacular looking movie. Here's hoping one day, eh?

B Smith said...

They may as well do a crossover - I'm fairly sure that Joe Public and his wife neither know nor care that particular characters are owned by particular companies...they're all just comic book superheroes, may as well chuck 'em all in the same pot, eh?

baab said...

I am trying to remember where I purchased my copy of this on its release.
And I just cannot place it.
I remember enjoying it though.

Don't have it anymore.

Kid said...

You're right, BS. I've lost count of how many times I've heard (or read) people describe Superman as a Marvel superhero. He very nearly was 'though, as Marvel nearly bought DC at one time.


Marvel reprinted it as a standard-sized comic some years back, Baab. Try eBay.

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