Saturday, 9 January 2016


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In almost a month's time it will be February 10th - 43 years
to the day (which was a Saturday back in 1973) since SMCW first
landed on newsagents' shelves the length and breadth of Britain.  I
really should wait 'til then, but there might be no snow in a month,
so here's an extract from a post I did back in 2013.


It's snowing outside as I type this - and it was snowing 43 years
ago as I chapped a friend's door to show him my copy of the newly
purchased SMCW #1.  He wasn't up and out of bed yet - and because
his mother was too ignorant to invite me in to wait (as mine would've
done in his case), I took shelter in one of a row of under-construction
lock-ups around the corner from his house and waited for him to get
up and greet the day.  He had only moved to the house a week or so
before and, being quite a distance from mine, I was reluctant to
make the return journey so soon after arriving.

As I stood in that grey, doorless lock-up while the flakes swirled
outside, I again browsed through my latest comic acquisition, bought
that snowy Saturday morning from my local newsagent's.  I have other
memories associated with other copies of that same first issue, obtained
at different times and under different circumstances, but that's the one
which is foremost in my mind as I watch the snowflakes dancing out-
side my window - just as they danced beyond the opening of that
cold and cheerless lock-up four decades ago today.


B Smith said...

OK, Mr UK, please explain...what exactly are you doing when you're chapping a door?

(It sounds downright rude)

Kid said...

Oh, you are awful. Chapping equals knocking - does that sound as rude?

Phil said...

I remember the mask was a paper bag. It was a time machine comic though as I knew these were reprints but they were new to me!

Kid said...

The stories had appeared before in Pow! and Fantastic in the '60s. And I've still got that paper bag.

Phil said...

Post a pic of the mask bag!

Kid said...

Already did, ages ago, Phil. Search through the SMCW posts on the blog.

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