Thursday, 24 April 2014


Why prolong an agony of waiting by serving up only one helping
at a time of FANTASTIC's JOHNNY FUTURE, when I can give you
double helpings?  Why deprive you of the awesomeness of the mighty
LUIS BERMEJO's impressive illustrations for a moment longer than
is necessary, when you're clearly pining for your POWER PACK fix?
I'm nothing if not generous (and modest with it), so here, just for you,
are six and a half palpitating pages of action and adventure!

(And, just to give you a taste of the era, I've thrown in a bonus
ad showing you three of the Annuals available in 1967 for '68.)


John Pitt said...

Why didn't "we" think of this earlier , twice as much JF! I used to have the Fantastic annual. I know you have it, as you've shown us the Ditko monster story. One day I must get around to replacing it.

Unknown said...

Thanks again for these KId - much appreciated, and with an upsize to a double helping! (excuse the vulgar Americanism). You're a real blogging machine these days, putting up more posts in a week than a lot of others manage in a month (of Sundays or otherwise!), good to have JF as part of the deluge. Now, back to looking over all of that great art again.

Kid said...

I've got all three Fantastic Annuals, JP - several copies of each. None for sale, unfortunately.


Glad you're enjoying them, PC. Makes it all worthwhile.

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