Friday, 18 April 2014


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Given the huge success of the recent LEGO movie, you can bet your bottom dollar that there'll be more of them.  I haven't seen the film yet, but one Lego-related image that appealed to me when first I saw it was the above homage to the famous NEAL ADAMS cover for SUPERMAN #233.  I thought that you might enjoy it too, if you haven't already seen it - so here it is.  (Along with the original.  My generosity surely knows no bounds.)

Neal drew both covers by the way.


Anonymous said...

Kid, this is the first time I've ever seen that "famous" Superman cover so thanks for that (I think). As an Easter treat how about showing some more of those John Byrne FF covers - or have they finished now? Anyway, happy Easter to you and I trust you've got your Easter egg !

Kid said...

You can't have been browsing through back-posts, CJ - the 1971 cover has appeared on this blog a couple of times before. You'll be pleased to know that there are still at least 20-odd JB FF covers to go. Might post the next part tonight, so keep your eyes peeled. Happy Easter - and I've already scoffed more than my fair share of eggs. (Buuuurp!)

John Pitt said...

The T&P
5p stamp next to Supe's head which was on all our US comics - does the T&P stand for Thorpe and Porter who made the T&P UK comics? If so, how did they get to reprice everything?

Kid said...

Indeed it did stand for Thorpe & Porter, JP. In some early Marvel comics (may have been the same in DC, don't know) the indicia had Thorpe and Porter's name added when (I assume|) the plates were changed to replace the U.S. price with the U.K. one. (The American ones were printed, and then the plates were changed for British copies.)

I assume that as T&P were the distributors in this country, they were allowed to stamp their name and price on the covers, thus saving the printing plates having to be amended in America.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I do browse a lot through your previous items so perhaps I did see that Superman cover before but it didn't sink in as I'm not a DC fan. I've just been looking at Marvel UK Spidey covers from the '70s on Comic Vine such as Super Spiderman and The Titans and Super Spiderman and Captain Britain - aahhh now that's what I call nostalgia and they still look wonderful !

baab said...

My kids are berserk for lego.
They have been collecting for a good few years now.
Mostly the minifigures(minifigs) and their sets.
The super-hero minifigures are cool.

I must say that when I first saw them I thought to myself this will go through the roof.

The Lego movie was interesting because you could see the marketing of figures with no relation to characters or even form.
They used bits and pieces from different sets.
I suggested to my boys that they could easily create their own characters from all of the parts they have.
Fell on deaf ears.
Then Lego brought out 'mixles',
You can guess who rushed out to buy them.
"But dad they are the real mixels!"


I think the next movie is already being made and will be a Duplo invasion.
I must admit I loved the movie and the surprise ending.

Kid said...

Gasp! CJ - you mean you look at other blogs? Groan! I must be failing you in some way. Actually, I gave my Super Spider-Man and Captain Britains to a pal around 35-odd years ago; I might get a loan of them back to scan them as he's still got them.


I really want to see the movie now, Baab - I've heard nothing but good things about it. And I quite fancy some of those Lego superhero characters myself.

Unknown said...

Not seen that cover either excellent stuff - I now have a new screen saver thanks Kid :) - I do enjoy all these type of covers and managed to get an X-Men Lego one with Wolverine in a bargain pack ( £5 for a £1 - think someone made a mistake there)- also enjoy those other "kids" version that Marvel do (Skottie Young etc) and picked up the first issue of the re (re, re, re...) vamped Hulk yesterday with on of his covers)- - Picked up the Lego Batman film for £3 in Fopp last month and can recommend it , not fantastic but fanboy funny in places - if you have Cartoon Network check out the Lego Star Wars films they show from time to time they are pretty cute. Ive heard good stuff re the Lego movie as well sounds like a good one,

Kid said...

Have you seen the Doctor Who Lego-like toys, McScotty? I've got a couple of Daleks and the Doc himself, plus Amy Pond. If I was a kid, I'd have the Daleks fighting the DC and Marvel superheroes. Funny how when you're young, you have your own 'company crossovers' without concern for copyright, eh? I'll be keeping an eye out for some reduced DC and Marvel/Lego toys, that's for sure.


And thanks for those details you sent, Baab.

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