Tuesday, 15 April 2014


As I gad about the streets of Glasgow, mingling with ordinary
people and bathing in their silent but obvious admiration (egotist?
Nah!), one thought is constantly on my mind:  "What can I share with
my blog members next!"  Yes, hard as it may be for you to believe, you're
never far from my thoughts as I strive to bring you the very best pictorial
presentations and nostalgic nick-nacks that my vast and voluminous,
 captivating collection encompasses.  (Don't you just love awesome
alliteration, even when it's mostly redundant?)

Of course, there are times when any old tat will do - but fear not, 
this isn't one of those occasions.  What you see before you is another
half-dozen covers from one of the best-loved periodicals of the 1960s -
SMASH!  Perhaps you need to have experienced them first time around
to truly appreciate their charm, but for those of you who did, I'm sure
you'll be truly grateful to be reunited with these fondly-recalled
covers from childhood.  Just make out the cheques to...

Another six coming soon!


John Pitt said...

Of course, the greatest Smash cover of them all had to be that very first sighting of the ( pink?! ) Hulk back in '66!

Kid said...

Strangely, although the cover was from #1, they started the series with #2.

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