Wednesday, 9 April 2014


As a special treat (seeing as how you've all been behaving your-
selves this last little while), here's an episode of FRANKIE STEIN
from WHAM! #43, cover-dated April 10th 1965. That means it more
than likely came out on or around the 3rd, so you can argue amongst
yourselves as to whether I'm early or late with it, seeing as how this
is the 9th. (Although, considering it's 49 years old, it's certainly
late regarding the year, even if not the month.)

Another KEN REID strip from when he was at the top
of his game, I'm sure you'll agree. Feel free to express your
immense gratitude in the Criv-ites comments section.


Unknown said...

Great to see more Frankie - I do seem to spend an inordinate amount of time looking at the artwork on these - I figure if Mr Reid took the time to put all of that detail in there I can at least take time to appreciate it.

PS - Flippin' eck - I'd post more but the whole Google account password / nagging you for Facebook style personal info is putting me off!

Kid said...

He certainly put a lot into his work, PC. I could spend ages just studying his art.

As for the info thing - isn't there a box saying 'not now' or 'ignore', or something? I got rid of Google + (plus) because of all that nonsense.

I don't get as many comments since I removed the anonymous option, but it was necessary to get rid of sustained abuse from one or two warped losers. All polite comments are therefore gratefully appreciated.

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