Sunday, 20 April 2014


Fear not, fellow frantic ones - your humble host hasn't forgotten that
it's Easter. To prove the point, here's the first in a two-part piece that looks
at all the Easter-themed strips in SMASH! #61, cover-dated April 1st 1967.
It's strange, but when I think back to comics of my childhood which featured
stories with Easter eggs, I invariably first think of RONNIE RICH before any
other. Must be because it was an Easter Ronnie strip that I first saw, although
whether it was the one below or not is lost in the myriad mazes of my mind.
Anyway, enjoy a glimpse into yesteryear - and be sure to join us again
for part two - coming soon.


John Pitt said...

Brilliant! - a great Easter prezzie!
With me, it's Pop, Dick & Harry, Ginger and Baby Crocket from the 60's Beezer that come to mind ( in colour! )

Kid said...

Glad you like the post, JP. I think it was the way Gordon Hogg drew black eggs with the shiny bit on top and a bow wrapped around them that stuck in my mind for some reason. They always seemed to be huge affairs as well. I'm getting hungry just thinking about them.

Mel said...

These Smash covers are great. Do you plan to feature the original series like you've been doing with the Warriors of the World set?
Also do you know if the Batman strips are the ones that have recently been published as a book?

Kid said...

I can feature some of the original covers, Mel (#1 & 2 are already up), but although I have quite a few spare individual issues, the first 100 are in two bound volumes - being, in fact, the original Odhams file copies. This makes it difficult to scan them without damaging the books or, indeed, the scanner, as the books are massively heavy. Yes, I believe the '60s Batman newspaper strips have recently been published in a book. However, I don't know if the first volume includes the actual Smash! ones, because I'm unsure from what point in the run that Smash! started printing them. Unless the book has reprinted them all in one volume (in which case the Smash! strips will be included) they're bound to appear in any future volumes at some stage.

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