Sunday, 6 April 2014


From the pages of Britain's FANTASTIC, we now enter the
home run in re-presenting the adventures of former MISSING LINK,
the incredible JOHNNY FUTURE!  Illustrated by Spanish artist LUIS
BERMEJO, the final episode appeared in Fantastic #51, the week before
it subsumed ODHAMS' companion POWER COMIC title, TERRIFIC.
A victim of having to make way for MARVEL reprints in the combined
weekly, Johnny is nonetheless still fondly-remembered to this very
day.  Now you can see why!

Only 12 more episodes to go - don't miss 'em!

Extra Bonus:  Below is a patch that was pasted over the original
head on this episode's first page.  That means whoever now owns the
art for these pages is missing the 'published' head.  It came into my
possession when I acquired the original boards for the subsequent
episode nearly 30 years ago.


baab said...

I have been bookmarking these as you post them.
I think, if I stare enough at them ,the skills will magically transfer themselves to my fingers.

Of course it wont, but I wont be wasting any time while I admire the mans artwork.

baab said...

I meant to add,that is an interesting story of the artwork being in your possession.

Have you ever made enquiries regarding the owner?

Kid said...

I know who the owner is, Baab - ME.

Unknown said...

Thanks for bringing Johnny back Kid, I was beginning to think that I'd be way off in the future before we saw any more of his exploits. I believe that this particular story is just about the longest one they did.
Great scans too, as always.

Kid said...

No bother, Phil. Glad to hear that you're enjoying reading them.

baab said...

I meant the story about the patch you acquired along with your purchase of the subsequent story.

Kid said...

I wouldn't even know where to start making enquiries, Baab. I was given my pages by a top man at IPC's Youth Group - it's anybody's guess as to what happened to the episode before mine.

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