Monday, 21 April 2014


LUIS BERMEJO - surely one of the finest artists ever to grace the
medium of comicbooks.  In these pages you can see why, particularly in
the third one, which has no background in any of the panels, but doesn't
suffer from the lack thereof.  Often, the secret of being a great pictorial
storyteller is knowing what to leave out as much as what to put in -
and Luis certainly knows how to tell a story.

Incidentally, for those who are counting, there are only eight more
episodes to go before the series concludes, so be sure not to miss any,
in this, the absolutely greatest blog in the whole universe - for blowing
its own trumpet and making totally unsubstantiated claims in regard to
itself.  (If I can't  impress you with my blog's status, I can surely do
so with my frank and open honesty!)


John Pitt said...

And to think I didn't even know his name until I saw your blog. I wonder how many more of us can now give credit where it is due thanks to you. His name DESERVES to be remembered. I am always also impressed by his use of odd - shaped, particularly the circular, panels.

Kid said...

He's still alive, JP, and probably still working. You can't keep a good artist down.

Gene Gonzales said...

Hey Kid, Thanks for introducing me to this strip and art! Another blog mentions two collections but they don't turn up in any search. Any ideas where I could get my hands on these. Thanks for sharing!

Kid said...

Steve Holland of Bear Alley Books had intended to do a two-volume collection, Gene, but plans fell through at the last moment and they were never produced. Maybe one day perhaps. Glad you found something of interest on this humble blog of mine, and thanks for dropping by.

Gene Gonzales said...

I always do. That's why I have been digging into your old posts. Since I wasn't here in the beginning it's like finding a treasure chest of cool stuff! Thanks!

Kid said...

Thanks, Gene. If you find anything you regard as 'uncool', just ignore it. Even I have my 'off-days'. And Criv-ites should check out Gene's great blog - link in my blog-list.

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