Wednesday, 30 April 2014


There's no point in delaying the sad moment any longer.  It's
time to break out the black armbands and shed a tear or two for the
demise of JOHNNY FUTURE.  This was his final weekly appearance
in FANTASTIC, the fondly-recalled comic for boys back in the 1960s.
He had one final fling in the pages of the Fantastic Annual for 1969 and
then it was curtains for ol' JOHN FOSTER.  (Given just how far in
advance Annuals were prepared, the story was probably drawn
before the last weekly episode.)

And so we look upon Senor LUIS BERMEJO's awesome
and astounding art for the final time - except for occasional revisits
to this blog, or in back issues of the periodical in which he originally
appeared.  Hopefully, some enterprising publisher will see these posts,
and decide to reprint the complete collection of ODHAMS PRESS'
Power-Pack classics - sensitively coloured for modern readers,
with copious notes on the origins and history of the character.

Well, we can but dream, can't we?

Farewell, Johnny - see you in the future!


Philip Crawley said...

Good while it lasted, as they say, and thanks for these posts - as I've said before, providing a real public service here. What are the odds that someone with publishing connections will have seen these? You never know I guess.

Kid said...

Nae bother, PC - glad you enjoyed them. Fingers crossed for someone with 'connections' being able to do something, eh?

baab said...

I have connections!
My auntie Jean says you should photocopy them at the library then staple them .Then set up a wee stall in Hamilton precinct and .....

Well thats what she said to me!

Great series of posts.
I will now go back to the beginning and read anew.

Kid said...

Baab, you surprise me - I didn't realise you were related to Tingha and Tucker. How are they?

John Pitt said...

As PC said - you have provided a public service , posting these.
Now then , I know who could follow in his footsteps - Tri - Man from Smash!

Kid said...

Good idea, JP - I have every episode. There might be others to consider first 'though.

baab said...

I had to look that one up.
What dimension is that from?
I have never seen or heard any reference to Jean or Tingha and Tucker.
Which makes it very odd to me.

Kid said...

I suppose you'll be too young to remember them, Baab, Most people around my age will remember Tingha & Tucker and their Auntie Jean.

John Pitt said...

Some kids used to call these bears by a differerent name - they would change the "T" for an "F"!!

Kid said...

The little tuckers.

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