Thursday, 10 April 2014


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DETECTIVE COMICS #27 is the first of The NEW 52
series that I've actually bothered reading and, for the most part,
I actually enjoyed it.  I bought a few early issues of the relaunched
titles when they first came out, but after browsing through them, felt
less then compelled to devote any serious attention to them.  (And
this from a guy who loves comics and wants to read them.)
They just seemed so pretentious - and underwhelming.

However, I liked this issue's cover, so brought it home from
my local FORBIDDEN PLANET store several weeks back and
just got 'round to reading it recently.  The mag celebrates The BAT-
MAN's history and contains 7 stories, the first of which is called - aw,
you guessed - "The CASE Of The CHEMICAL SYNDICATE!"
There are several pin-ups from various creators which are worth
seeing, so if you're lucky, your local comics shop might yet
have an odd copy or two lingering on the shelves.

You know what?  I may even buy #28 & 29, as one
of the stories is a three-part tale.  It's a long time since I've
felt like that about a modern comic, that's for sure.

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