Saturday, 21 May 2016


When SMASH! gave up reprinting MARVEL stories in 1969,
there seems to have been quite a bit of protest from disappointed
readers about the decision.  Why else would editor GIL PAGE - in
the guise of 'office boy' MIKE - appeal to them to give the new direc-
tion a chance?  However, note must have been taken of the reaction,
because very soon, the comic was featuring a U.K. superhero of

The cover-dated ish of 13th September 1969 bore a banner
which read "You can meet a great new character inside -
The Incredible Tri-Man!"  However, the strip doesn't appear to
have been as popular as IPC anticipated, because it ended after 21
episodes, never to be seen again.  (Except for a full-colour RON
TURNER illustrated adventure in the 1971 Annual.)

So, starting now, we re-present British SPIDER-MAN clone,
The Incredible Tri-Man.  If you thrilled (or yawned) to his weekly
adventures as a kid, you can now re-live a moment of your long-ago
youth.  If not, you can scratch your head in bemusement at what
your grandfathers used to read back in 'prehistoric times'.

And if you'd like to leave a comment, hey - I ain't
stopping you!  Get that typing finger moving now.


John Pitt said...

Hey, this is GOOD STUFF! I'm reading this for the first time and it's excellent "Peter Parker"- type comic book material! I'm really looking forward to following his exploits!
Thanks so much for showing us!

Kid said...

It actually wasn't a bad little strip, JP, and I'm surprised it didn't last longer. Perhaps it was just too derivative of Spider-Man and readers preferred the 'real deal'.

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