Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Images copyright DC COMICS

Another bunch of SUPERMAN covers, from a time when
Supes was looking distinctly like a hippy.  Man, are these tales
going to look dated when DC get around to reprinting them.  As
you can see, they're not completely consecutive, but don't let that
spoil your enjoyment.  Anyway, let's forego my usual woeful
waffle and get straight into the pretty piccies.  Enjoy.

...'cos he wouldn't get his hair cut


paul Mcscotty said...

I had stopped reading Superman around this time so I missed ROnFrenz' art which I love (well when he does his Sal Buscema) so I will look these out in the back issue bins - have to say although I have longish hair I prefer Supes with a short back - Issue 116 looks like a homage to a Nick Cardy Superman or Action cover, both are great though.

Kid said...

I wasn't buying the title regularly at this time, McS, and had cancelled my standing order for it. I only picked it up now and again when I saw it in newsagents and liked the cover or internal art. I'm surprised that I have any consecutive issues from this period.

TC said...

I agree with McScotty. I have relatively longish hair myself, but it just doesn't look right on Superman.

I heard some critic say once that DC was trying to give Superman a "Fabio" look. If so, they were probably misjudging their audience. The teenage girls and young women who read paperback romance novels did not buy superhero comic books.

Kid said...

I think it was the long hair that put me off buying the title regularly, TC. Just didn't look right.

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