Thursday, 26 May 2016


Back around the mid-'70s, I found a bendy
POPEYE toy and took it home with me.  I was
famous for drawing the spinach-chomping sailor in
school, so I had sort of an affinity with the character.
I can no longer remember what happened to my little
flexible friend, alas, but umpteen years later (in the
21st century), I acquired a similar-sized, pose-
able plastic figure of the mighty mariner.

No, that's not him in the photo, that's a
larger scale, fabric-clothed Popeye (which I
bought later) produced by the same company, but
I was tidying up my room earlier in preparation for
decorating, and 'Pops' was hanging on the wall.  I
think it's a great collectable item and decided to
show him off on the blog to cheer up all you
comics-lovin', cavortin' Criv-ites.

So consider yourselves cheered.


Phil said...

I have a Popeye and Dagwood Bumstead from the 1980s! Large soft dolls made of cloth and plastic.

Kid said...

I've got a Popeye bubble bath, a squeezy Popeye (makes a noise), and a little 2 and a half or 3 inch plastic figure. Plus a little wind-up Popeye boat bath toy and a pull-back Popeye hovercraft (I think). I don'y play with them 'though - merely own them.

Arfon Jones said...

I had the bendy Popeye too (and a Mickey, Bugs, Wile E Coyote, Daffy, Pink Panther, Kermit and Rupert Bear!) I also have the Popeye bubble bath great times! Bought the Popeye cookbook last month great read as it also has some classic strips in it!

Kid said...

Oh hell, here goes any remnants of street cred I may have had, AJ. I had a Bendy Yogi Bear, and I had the larger Popeye too, I think. And I had a Bendy Winnie The Pooh as well. (Not to play with you understand, just as 'collectables'.) I bought the Pink Panther one for a pal back in the '70s 'cos he wanted it for his birthday. I've got a couple of Popeye Annuals and Albums tucked away in a cupboard somewhere, so I yet retain my 'connection'.

Paul McScotty- Muir said...

I think you've blown any chances you may have had with Ms (Jordan) Carver with those revelations Kid - I never understood Popeye's popularity (I like Yogi though) he is such an ugly looking character my favourite as a kid was always "Atom Ant" and "Fearless Fly" who doesn't like an insect with super powers!

Kid said...

Nah, she's into things like that - remember, she's a female. (As if I'd ever have a chance with her anyway.) As for Popeye, I never much cared for the cartoons, but there was something about the art in the comic strips that appealed to me. I like Yogi, and Atom Ant and Fearless Fly as well. Both shown on Cartoon Cavalcade unless I'm very much mistaken.

Paul McScotty- Muir said...

Yep Cartoon Cavalcade certainly have "Fearless Fly of "I'm helpless without my glasses" fame (I think Atom Ant also appeared a few times) great days - I'm pretty sure Ms Carver is into "toys" Kid, maybe just not the type of toys you collect though !

Arfon Jones said...

I’m a vintage animation buff and have nothing but admiration for ‘the sailor man’ I’ve down scaled my collection over the years focusing more on the books and dvd’s I am sucker for the Funko Hanna Barbera wacky wobblers however. they celebrate some of the lesser remembered stars from back in the day!

Kid said...

Maybe not, PM, but I'd be willing to help out whenever she wanted to play with them. (I could hold the camera.)


I've got Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound wobblers. AJ - nice.

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