Monday, 23 May 2016


Image copyright DC COMICS

Remember the above item?  I recall getting a
BATMAN 'glove' puppet in Glasgow's KELVIN
HALL in the 1960s (and immediately disposing of
the disgusting 'confectionary' contained within), but
it didn't last long.  Its thin polythene soon creased
and shed colour and detail in places.

Cut to my primary school's playground some
time later, where I acquired another one from a
classmate, IAN ROBBIE, in exchange for a small
packet of KP salted nuts (which cost tuppence) and
(I think) a thru'penny bit.  The second probably
didn't last much longer than the first.

In real life that is, but it lived on in memory
to the present day.  I ran into Ian last week, not
having seen him in 20-odd years, and we reminisced
about that ol' puppet.  To be honest, I was quite sur-
prised that he remembered, because in all the time
I've known him (over 50 years), I don't think
he's ever referred back to it before.

Perhaps one of those nuts lodged in his
throat, ensuring that the item he swapped for
them likewise lodged in his memory.  (See what I
did there?)  Anyone else remember them?  If so,
leave a comment in the you-know-where.  (It's
good to share, so get typing now.)


Mark Carter said...

Yes, I remember these! If any have survived the past 50 years, they must be worth a small fortune.

Kid said...

I'd think so, MC. There can't be many in pristine condition either. I wish someone would re-issue them, but in cloth instead of polythene.

moonmando said...

I can still recall the sickly smell of the sweets that were contained within. Lovely nostalgia Kid.

Kid said...

Unfortunately, it wasn't 'sweets', Moony - it was that dreadful stuff which I hate. Loved the puppet 'though. As for 'Robbie' (as we called him), I wonder if he was actually remembering the event itself, or the time I reminded him of it many years ago? Must ask when I see him again.

Phil said...

I remember these too! I thought perhaps it was some sort of fever dream. Glad to see it was real. Just like that time Susanna Hoffs was my girlfriend......

Kid said...

Now if only I knew who Susanna Hoffs is.

Arfon Jones said...

Not the Batman ones but I seem to recall monster variants in the early to mid 80’s I also remember cartoon animals type ones, the paint around the character’s ‘arms’ would eventually come away through over use…

Kid said...

Hi AJ, don't think I saw any of those later ones you mention - I'm only familiar with the Batman one. You could actually wipe off the colour and linework if you rubbed it hard enough (oo-er, missus), such was the poor printing of them.

Phil said...

Lead singer of the Bangles. Here she is age ..56

Phil said...

And here's another. She was about 50 or so at the time of this concert.
When you hear the song you'll know her. Worth a post all by herself.

Kid said...

I've heard the song 'Eternal Flame', Phil, but I don't recall seeing her before. (Women look kinda silly playing guitars like phallic symbols in the way that male 'rock stars' do.)

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