Sunday, 8 May 2016


And now, the penultimate part of our SMASH! cover gallery,
wherein we bathe in pleasant nostalgia for the days of our youth,
when the responsibilities and pressures of adulthood were things be-
yond our imagining and we thought we'd be children forever.  Now
we're older, allegedly wiser, and the end of life's journey gets closer
every day, so it's good to be able to look back to a time when
we thought our span was eternal.

H'mm, a sombre introduction perhaps, so let's think happy
thoughts by looking at these action-packed covers and recap-
turing that faraway feeling from a time long past.  Enjoy!


John Pitt said...

Did you continue with it after it merged with Valiant?

Kid said...

Yup, bought it for a good while afterwards, JP. Can't remember when I gave it up.

baab said...

I did not buy this but I like looking at the ad pages you show.
I did buy Letraset,they came in different sizes and prices and as the ad shows,different themes.
It was a hard job trying to make them last because once that last figure was rubbed onto the background the fun seemed to be over.

Kid said...

Once they were rubbed down, Baab, that was your cue to buy another set. I loved the Haunted House one. I like looking at those ads too - they bring the past right back to me.

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