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Back in 2009, MARVEL celebrated its 70th Anniversary by
releasing 11 retro-style mags about their heroes from the '30s & '40s.
However, in 1939, Marvel was called TIMELY, and that was the name
given to the collected edition which I acquired only a few days ago.  I'd
actually bought some of the single issues at the time, but didn't have a
complete set, so it was nice to read what I missed back in '09.

The original issues also contained reprints from the '40s, which
the book doesn't include, but don't let that deter you from tracking
down a copy.  I'm thoroughly enjoying working my way through these
excellent tales, which are well-worth the read.  See the mighty Prince
NAMORThe SUB-MARINER, maintain all his regal nobility as he
mercilessly disposes of a sub-load of ruthless NAZIS.  See BUCKY
BARNES as the new CAPTAIN AMERICA, in a story that
will tug at your very heartstrings.

There's more of course, as you can see from the cataclysmic
cover gallery laid before your awestruck eyes.  Cop a gander, then
scamper round to your nearest comics shop or bookstore and buy
this volume for yourselves.  Trust me, you'll be glad you did!

Coming in part two - the variant covers.  Don't miss 'em!


Phil said...

Nice! Don't remember these. The Destroyer and the Vision return in new forms. I don't recall who that is in Daring Mystery comics though,

Kid said...

Would you believe The Phantom Reporter?

Oscar Dowson said...

I completely missed this, but it looks great.

Did you ever read 'Mystery Men?' A criminally under-rated 30s-set series with some really cool characters.

Kid said...

That looks really interesting, OD. I'll keep an eye out for the collected edition. You'd love the Timely volume.

John Pitt said...

Realy nice gallery, Kid. Makes me think back to the times when I was reading Timely reprints in Fantasy Masterpieces! And I'm instantly transported back in time and space to a caravan in Skegness, back in '68!

Kid said...

I've got quite a few issues of Fantasy Masterpieces, JP, but the reproduction quality of some of the reprint material was awful.

Rip Jagger said...

Enjoyed these a lot. While it's true that Fantasy Masterpieces offered up a blurry glimpse of the Golden Age, it was a delicious sample just the same. Loved that comic! I will never part with my back issues.

Rip Off

Kid said...

It was a great comic, Rip (that morphed into Marvel Superheroes with its 12th ish), but I preferred the '60s reprints to the Golden Age stuff if I'm honest.

Phil said...

I had the one with the Gil Kane Torch cover and I remember reading that Captain America story and thinking . Boy these old comics look like crap I can't make out anything.

Kid said...

They were clearer in their original printings, Phil. Marvel didn't have decent proofs to print from, so just photostatted printed comics and tried to 'clean' them up a little.

(Originally published 23 May 2016 at 11:55.)

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