Monday, 2 May 2016


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A mixed bag of covers for you this time around, folks.  Only
the first two are consecutive, the others being isolated issues I
bought at irregular intervals.  Love the above one 'though, which
is a nod to JACK KIRBY's debut JIMMY OLSEN ish (#133).
The one directly below is also a corker, with JERRY ORDWAY
demonstrating why he's one of the finest artists ever to grace
the comicbook medium.  Incidentally, number 50 is based
on the famous AURORA model kit from the 1960s.

Got a favourite?  Leave a comment saying why you're a fan
of 'The Ordster' - you never know, he may even see it.


Dunsade Dave said...

Think I mentioned this a few days ago, but that Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite storyline was the point where I went from 'reader of occasional Superman issue if it looked interesting' to buying every issue (although I think I dropped it again around Zero Hour). I do like that issue 50 cover- Ordway's Superman always looks to me like someone who has an understated confidence in their own strength, a guy who doesn't posture or threaten but knows he can handle whatever is coming his way, not the grimacing, muscle-flexing 'look-at-me-I'm-a-tough-guy' image that I feel crept in to some of the titles a few years after this. Although to be far, almost every superhero in the late 90s had a touch of that at one point or other! I'm pretty sure it was Jerry Ordway who drew a really nice Superman cover around this time with Supes saluting in front of a rippling American flag.

Always thought it was a pity Jerry Ordway didn't do a bit more work for Marvel- the Avengers floundered for me after John Buscema left the title around 1989ish, I'd have loved to have seen Ordway take over with Tom Palmer inking. That said, I recently re-read the second Thor series and there's a fill-in issue drawn by Buscema with Ordway inks that is a thing of beauty.

Kid said...

Which issue of Thor is that, DD, so I can check whether I've got it or not? I enjoyed Ordway's few issues of the FF just after Byrne left. Always considered Ordway as the modern day Wally Wood. He'd be the perfect artist on T.H.U.N.D.E.R. agents, and actually did work on the characters when they were revived a few years back. In case you didn't already know, his site's in my blog list, and is worth a visit.

Dunsade Dave said...

I will have a look at his blog, ta Kid. Those few FF issues are a favorite of mine, I bought 293 and 294 together in the old WH Smith in Argyle St in Glasgow (where TKMAXX now is) on my way to visit relatives one sunny Saturday morning in 1986. I can clearly remember holding the two comics side by side to check they were consecutive issues.

Strange how I can remember that so vividly but yet I can't keep track of what shifts I'm supposed be doing at work. Just shows I've got my priorities right, methinks!

Kid said...

(Ah, 'consecutive' - that's the word I was looking for.) 1986? Hell, you're right, DD - those FF issues were 30 years ago. Doesn't seem more than about 10 at the most to me. How time flies. And the next 30 will go by at least twice as fast. I should just dig the hole in the ground now and climb in.

Phil said...

The issue with Supes breaking down the wall is based on the old comic that came with the Aurora model. I think you posted it before.
One of my favorite covers was the Supermobile. First it made no sense because he's Superman. Second it looked like a toy ad- and why not? Made me want to buy it!

Kid said...

Actually, Phil, the Comic Scenes backdrop (and box art) you refer to wasn't issued until 1974 when the model was re-released, and was based on the position of the model itself, as well as the '64 box art (of which there were two versions). Having all five releases of the model (six if you count my two 1964 ones), it looks to me like Jerry has referred to the actual model rather than just the 1974 illustration. Either way, the model existed a good ten years before the illustration you refer to. (I should perhaps point out that although the original box and instructions bore the copyright date of 1963, it didn't go on sale until '64.)

Dunsade Dave said...

Ps Kid, that Thor issue I mentioned in the first post is vol.2, #9.

Kid said...

Thanks, DD. There's a good chance I should have it then.

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