Sunday, 8 May 2016


That's it, Criv-ites - we've reached the end of the road as far
as our SMASH! cover gallery series goes.  You now have all 95
issues of the 1969 relaunched version, and I've thrown in the two
Holiday Specials ('69 & '70) as well.  So smile at the pleasant jour-
ney through yesteryear we've all enjoyed together, and shed a tear
of sadness that it's over.  However, we still have many more time-
travels to take, so wipe away that tear and look forward to
the past that's yet to come.  (Ooh, profound or what?)

A symbolic cover indeed - SMASH! had reached the end of the line


John Pitt said...
....And want to see what happened the following week, readers? Then simply click on the above link!
Kid, - BRILL-I-ANT series! Really enjoyed it! Thanks for going to so much trouble! :-)

Kid said...

Thanks, JP. Nice to know that it's appreciated.

Oscar Dowson said...

Really enjoying these SMASH covers. The comic was before my time, and somehow I'd never heard of Simon Test. Ezekiel Sparr had pretty limited career options with his looks. It was either super-villain or, er, super-villain.

Will you post any of the Simon Test stories?

Kid said...

Might do, OD, but Tri-Man is ahead in the queue. Glad to know you've enjoyed seeing the covers. One of the other Smash! features, Cursitor Doom, is on the blog somewhere. Just type the name in the Blogger search box in the top left-hand corner of my home page.

Oscar Dowson said...

Already done, printed and read a while ago! If memory serves it was Cursitor versus 'the Dwarf.' Great stuff!

Kid said...

Yeah, Kalak the Dwarf - great Eric Bradbury art.

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