Friday, 6 May 2016


SIMON TEST still dominates the covers of SMASH! weekly,
making me wonder if he was the runaway leader in the comic's pop-
ularity polls.  We'll never know for sure, alas, but perhaps the fate of
the pulsating periodical would've been different had JANUS STARK
ever looked out at readers from the newsagents' counters.  Curiously,
when it came to the Annuals, HIS SPORTING LORDSHIP was the
cover star (apart from the first and last ones, which featured TRI-
MAN and a generic Kung-Fu/Karate figure, respectively.)

Want to see more of these covers?  Then let me know in the
comments section, peeps.  And if you'd like to remind yourself
of what the Annual covers look like, then click here.  (The
ODHAMS PRESS Annuals are also featured.)


John Pitt said...

Ah, now that reminded me, will you still be showing us the Tri-Man strips after Don Starr has finished?

Kid said...

If you're all on your very best behaviour, JP. Tell the gang.

Phil said...

Omigod Supermousse! I remember that. Is it still around?

Kid said...

Only in memory, alas, Phil.

Dunsade Dave said...

2502 seems an oddly specific number of Lego sets to he giving away... Maybe they were trying to make it seem more likely that readers could win one.

Mark Carter said...

I used to read Smash! religiously, mate, so I'll take as many covers as you can throw at us!

Kid said...

It does, doesn't it? Could that number be the code for that particular set perhaps, DD?


More Smash! covers coming soon, MC.

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