Monday, 16 May 2016


I remember cartoonist TERRY BAVE telling me a number of years ago
that the '70s incarnation of KNOCKOUT was a a particular favourite of his
and that he wished it had lasted longer than the two years it did.  It was also a
 great favourite of mine, and I recall lending a pile of them to a pal back in 1971
and getting them back some weeks (or was it months?) later in a condition you
wouldn't believe.  Pages ripped, pages missing, and the issues being crumpled
and ragged.  I can think of no good reason why pages would be torn out,
apart from a shortage of toilet paper in that particular household.

Anyway, a number of years ago, I acquired a complete set of the comic,
but the first issue was quite tatty.  I noticed recently that a copy was up for
auction, finally going for nearly £30, but that was more than I would've been
prepared to pay.  Luckily, I managed to obtain one from a back issue specialist
for less than a third of the above price, and it arrived today, callooh, callay!
So, lucky peeps that you are, here's a few pages for your delectation.  Like
to see more?  Then let me know, Knockout fans - I live to please!

I loved The HAUNTED WOOD - great REG PARLETT art

This strip was clearly based on the same premise as GALAXUS in BUSTER


baab said...

I would love to see the pocket pal type cutouts that were given as a free gift.
I wore mine to school the very same day.

paul Mcscotty said...

I had pretty much started to cut right back on my purchase of UK humour comics by 1971 but I do recall picking this one up as I was on a caravan holiday (we had a wee dog) in the Perth areas. The weather was amazing as I recall and although there wasn’t a great deal for a kid too do where we were (until my mum and dad took us into lovely Perth itself) there was a local shop that sold comics (UK and US) and was the mainstay of my entertainment for parts of the day. Knockout had come out a few weeks prior to this holiday and I managed to get 3 or 4 issues (and some great US comics I still have) as I recall I quite liked it at the time some great artists were in it. I l always had a soft spot for those silly adventure strips like “Barry and Bong” etc

Kid said...

I don't have the gifts, Baab, but there's bound to be a pic of them in the comic somewhere. I can't actually remember where they are at the moment, but once I find them I'll do a cover gallery.


It was a nice wee comic, PM - shame it lasted for only two years. Now go and tell me how wonderful my colour 'Jill & Bill' strip is.

Mark Carter said...

I don't remember this comic at all, and during the late 60s and early 70s I was collecting comics like nobody's business. Wouldn't mind seeing some more of it when you have the time.

Kid said...

Will do, MC. The comic may only have lasted for two years, but there were 13 Annuals released, so I'm surprised you never saw one of them.

Mark Carter said...

13 annuals??!!! I must have seen them at some point!

Kid said...

And you may also have seen the 1972 Holiday Special - even if it was only somewhere on this blog.

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