Wednesday, 4 May 2016


You begged, pleaded and demanded - but I'm still not
going anywhere!  And look what I've got for you!  Another six
sizzling covers of the '60s & '70s sensation known as SMASH!
This was the new, MARVEL reprints-free Smash!, yet it had its
own charm and is still fondly-remembered by those who read it
back in the day.  So relive your youth (or see what you missed
if you're a youngster) by copping a gander at these six
scintillating covers featuring SIMON TEST.


paul Mcscotty said...

This was my favourite "traditional" UK comic (narrowly ahead of Buster, Valiant and Lion)and as much as I loved the Odhams version I really thought this was better with its mix of quality adventure and humour strips (it was just a pity Ken Reids work wasn't moved here) my favourite strip was Leo Baxendales "Swots and the Blots" - I still have about 30 on my SMASH comics up in the loft - ahh good times!

Phil said...

I know I read Smash I don't recall those issues, it's funny what jumps out at you . It isn't the black guy chasing the hero with a spear, it's the fact our hero is wearing shorts.
First of all you know how the army today has knee protectors so they can kneel and slide without taking all the skin off their legs? Bsck during the war of course they issued troops shorts.
Second I remember wearing shorts to school winter...who in their right mind issues shorts as uniform all year round?
Third...Ice cream ads!

Kid said...

I know I've got a full set of the 'new' Smash!, PM (that's your new name - why hasn't your first name got a capital P?), and I think I have a full set of the Odhams version. Iv'e got the first two years in bound volumes (as well as some loose doublers), plus the rest of the run in individual issues. I'll have to check to see if I'm missing the odd copy.


Except on the odd occasion, Phil, I also wore shorts all year round when I was at primary school. I didn't start regularly wearing long trousers until I started secondary school. Parents would get prosecuted for child cruelty now if they made their kids wear shorts in winter. How times have changed, eh?

Oscar Dowson said...

Never heard of Simon Test, but that first 'above the streets of London' cover is fantastic!

Kid said...

It's a 'Smash!' hit with me as well, OD.

John Pitt said...

Thanks for continuing with this series, Kid. I think I've already mentioned that I never had a single issue of the IPC relaunch. They certainly look interesting to me now!

Kid said...

I hadn't intended for there to be such a delay between part ten and the recent two posts, JP, but as you know, all my comics were stored away while work was being done in my house. Only just dug them out not that long ago. You missed a good comic by not getting them at the time.

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