Friday, 6 May 2016


A mixed bag of covers from POLYSTYLE PUBLICATIONS,
folks, with TV COMIC HOLIDAY SPECIALS from 1963, '79 &
'80, and the 1972 & '86 POPEYE ones.  I remember being fascinated
with the Popeye Special from '72 - there was just something about the
cover and the paper that, in their pristine state, exerted a curious hold
on me - I just loved to gaze at it.  TV Comic was a great weekly for a
good while, but declined in quality in later years, with more and
more reprints, until it was cancelled in 1984.


John Pitt said...

I used to love Popeye as a kid. But there seemed to be two different Popeyes doing the rounds, which was confusing. The one we see above and one in an all white sailor suit. One fought Bluto and one fought Brutus!
Incidentally, do you know Bluto's first name? ( no Googling! )

Kid said...

Yeah, the comic strip Popeye is the one in the black top, and the cartoon Popeye is the one in the white suit. Bluto was also called Brutus because of a misunderstanding of who owned the copyright to the character. It's now been established that Brutus and Bluto are twins. Nope, don't know his first name.

Kid said...

Ho ho - looked it up. It's Pierre.

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