Wednesday, 25 May 2016


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Okay, so you've seen a dozen CONAN The BARBARIAN
splash pages - now it's time to turn our attention towards another
Just look at the talent arrayed in this post:  BERNI WRIGHTSON,
some serious artists we've got here.  Kull was a great comic
with great art, but you don't need me to tell you that.

So, with no further ado ('cos I'm fresh out), let's savour the
greatness together.  Feel free to wax eloquent in our cavortin'
comments section.  It's what it was invented for.

MONSTERS On The PROWL #16 fills the gap between #s 2 & 3


B Smith said...

Ross Andru inked by Wally Wood? Now there's a combo I never thought I'd see.

Never saw any of these issues around my way back in the day, otherwise I'd have bought them...the Severin siblings make a mighty good art team....thanks for showing them.

Kid said...

Nae bother, BS. As you say, the Severins were a terrific team. Great as Ploog was, there was something about the Severin issues that's hard to beat.

paul Mcscotty said...

Another excellent series and one of my all-time favourites. The art on this series form the Severin’s (imho) is amazing (John being one of my all-time favourite artists anyway). My first issue of Kull was issue 9 which I recall buying with almost crystal clarity. I picked this up in Blackpool on a family weekend holiday when we were all out for a walk one night (it was a really nice night) passing a street trader (market stall type) I noticed her had literally 100s of comics on sale Kull being one of them. At this time Blackpool was swamped with US comics and Alan Class books, and I must have bought around 50 comics in that weekend. Issue 9, “The Scorpion King”, is my favourite (I can’t recommend this series enough) and I used to spend months copying panels from John Severin’s are from that issue.

Russell said...

Hey Kid , let's not forget John Boltons brilliant turn at Kull. Beautiful art !

Kid said...

My first issue of Kull was #1, PM, and I never saw another issue (that I remember) until the stories were printed in the British Savage Sword Of Conan weekly. I've had the original U.S. mags for a good number of years now (one signed by Marie Severin), and as you say, they're absolutely brilliant.


I don't think I've seen that run, Russell - I'll have to Google it. Do you know if there's a collected edition?

Russell said...

Hi Kid , the Bolton b/w mag was an issue of Marvel Preview / Bizarre adventures and the colour one was in the baxter paper series. Both have been reprinted by Dark Horse. Chronicles of Kull vol. 4 and the essentials style book they did. Both are excellent !

Kid said...

Thanks for that, Russel. I'll keep an eye out for them in the future. I liked John Bolton's art in a six-issue mini-series he did for Marvel (I think) around 30 years ago - The Black Dragon.

Colin Jones said...

Strange how Conan was a big success for Marvel but Kull wasn't. Dark Horse had a new Kull comic out a few years back - I bought #2 from Forbidden Planet, but I don't know how successful it was.

Kid said...

Perhaps Kull was regarded as being too similar to Conan, in that both were barbarians? Dunno. As for Dark Horse's Kull, CJ - never seen it.

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