Sunday, 15 May 2016


Written (okay, nicked), drawn, lettered & coloured by KID ROBSON

You may recall me saying I might get around to colouring
my JINKSY JILL & HANDSOME BILL strip from a caption
competition I inflicted on you a good while back - well, here it is.
I used acrylic inks to colour an A4 photocopy so it's not BEANO
quality standard, but considering I had to re-ink parts of it (due to
the inks obscuring the linework), I'm surprised that it didn't come
out looking a lot worse.  There's something to be said for com-
puter colouring - it makes things a lot easier.  It's just a
shame that I don't have access to it.

Anyway, feel free to lie and say how good you think it
is.  If I can lie to myself, one of yours isn't going to hurt.
(Click on pic to enlarge, click again for optimum size.)


DeadSpiderEye said...

Very nice, just a shame we don't get to see her bum.

John Pitt said...

Still prefer it with my caption ( "pork" )!!

Kid said...

Her bum was too ginormous to fit in the pic, DSE.


But your caption didn't have the word 'bum' in it, JP.

Colin Jones said...

You held a caption competition, Kid, then used your own caption anyway !

Kid said...

Of course I did (did you think I'd forgotten?) 'cos mine was the best. You were offered a prize for yours but declined, so there would've been no point in you winning anyway.

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