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Pencils & inks by NEAL ADAMS.  Images copyright DC COMICS

Time now for part three in this groovy gallery of CAPED CRUSADER covers, which has proved extremely popular going by the number of hits the first two parts have received.

Although I have some of the comics featured in this series, I've taken the covers from the first volume of BATMAN ILLUSTRATED BY NEAL ADAMS.  Comparing the issues I do have, the cover reproductions are mainly faithful, although in some instances the date and price are missing.  That's probably due to the issue having been previously reprinted - with the original cover - as an individual comicbook (like the Millennium Editions for example) and the date, number and price being omitted* and then not restored for subsequent collected editions  (*Can't have a three or four dollar mag being sold for a mere 12 cents, now can we?)  Sometimes, however, it's simply an oversight.

The books have been recoloured (with extra depth) and in some cases Neal has replaced sound effects and logos with new ones, and tweaked the art here and there.  Overall though, they're very handsome volumes and a 'must have' for all fans of  Mr Adams' power-packed pencilling (and inking). 

Pencils & inks by NEAL ADAMS

Pencils & inks officially credited to NEAL ADAMS, although it seems
more likely to have been pencilled by CURT SWAN to my eyes

Pencils & inks by NEAL ADAMS

Pencils & inks by NEAL ADAMS


Pencils & inks by NEAL ADAMS

Pencils & inks by NEAL ADAMS

Pencils & inks by NEAL ADAMS

ISBN:  1-4012-0041-9


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Ah that explains the slight cover differences - I will need to look that book out then I thought it was just another collection of Adams "Batman" stories (bought so many of those best of collection monthly mags with Adams art over the years) but this sounds a good one and seen it in FP in Glasgow - I agree that "Worlds Finest" 185 cover looks like Curt Swan pencils to me, Superman face at least (didnt DC get urt San to re draw Supermans face on Kirbys Jimmy Olsen, maybe they did that here for some reason) ) I ve never seen the cover to Detective Comics issue 391 before - ahhh! seeing issue 85 of "Brave and the Bold" with Green Arrown brought back those memories of picking up an Adams comic when I was a kid, the utter excitement to get home and open the book and read it all - even better when you weren't expecting it and there was an Adams back up etc good days..... sigh!

Kid said...

Al Plastino redrew Kirby's Superman (and JO) in the first couple of issues of Jimmy Olsen and the first issue of Forever People, before Murphy Anderson took over the task in subsequent issues. In one issue of JO, Murphy actually got to re-pencil the heads before Vince Colletta inked the whole issue, giving it a uniformity that other issues perhaps lacked.

As for FF #185, McScotty, I agree that the Superman's face in particular looks Swan-ish, but I can see it in the figures as well. Incidentally, it's a three volume set (purchased individually), but they're very nice indeed.

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