Sunday, 22 May 2016


When WHAM!, SMASH!, and POW! reprinted MARVEL
strips, the pages were re-sized two U.S. pages to one U.K. page,
which was more in keeping with the panel-count of home-produced
strips.  Therefore, if TRI-MAN had been an American comic, all 44
pages (well 43 and a half to be exact) would've been 88, meaning
that, at 22 pages per issue,  a U.S. Tri-Man mag would've lasted
for only four issues.  So, bit of a failure then, eh?

However, the strip was not without charm, even if the formula
was a blatant rip-off (or 'homage' if you prefer) of the SPIDER-
MAN/PETER PARKER set-up in Web-head's own mag.  I have
fond memories of reading the incredible adventures of JOHNNY
SMALL's alter-ego back in 1969/'70, and the character even
made a return in GRANT MORRISON's ZENITH.

Who knows - perhaps he'll make another comeback one
day.  Anyone like to see that?  Or should Tri-Man remain in
comicbook limbo and never return?  Make your thoughtful
feelings known in our ever-lovin' comments section.


John Pitt said...

YIPPEE, indeed! I'm already hooked. This could easily BE a Marvel comic!
What do those henchmen want with the Prof? Gotta stay tuned....

Kid said...

If I could hook a few more people to read this strip, I'd be happy, JP. I think we're the only two who're interested.

John Pitt said...

What it is, Kid, is we're the only two actually SO BLOODY OLD to be interested!
These young 'uns don't know what they've missed!
Their loss! Should have gotten themselves born earlier!! :-)

Kid said...

McScotty's old too, but he's obviously too busy out chasing women on his zimmer.

TC said...

It's a well done strip, but maybe fans saw no need for a variation on Spider-Man when they already had the real thing.

Kid said...

While that's probably true to an extent, TC, I think the strip was a response to those who were complaining about the jettisoning of the Marvel superhero strips, and Spidey wasn't available at that time in a U.K. weekly comic. A British 'stand-in' was therefore considered the next best thing to placate the superhero fans who read Smash!

paul Mcscotty said...

Lol had a laugh at that comment about my age kid, but sadly I have to agree with you I am now an old git , where did the time go it just seems like yesterday I was a teenager now I’m preparing to retire in a few years’ time.

I am also enjoying reading this strip as well (I have just been traveling with work so not had time to comment). I used to get this comic almost every week and my recollection of this strip is really sketchy, which is strange as it is just the type of thing I like now, and liked as a kid back in the day. I would have thought this would be a bit of a cult classic if reprinted for todays "kids" maybe add some needless brutality, a rape and kill of a few of the supporting characters and any joy the strip may contain and voila an instant Marvel or DC comic for the 21st century.

Kid said...

Yeah, I dunno why comic companies assume that all adults are into brutality, rape and murder these days, PM. I'd still be buying Smash! today if it was available, rather than a lot of the current 'serious' stuff. Being an old git, I've just woken up to take my sleeping pill - back to sleep for me.

John Pitt said...

Hey, this particular old git likes his comics just like that - aimed at the kids!
I found a lot of the "adult" comics (e.g. Marshall Law ) too boring for me! Perhaps I might understand them when I grow up?

Kid said...

Yeah, JP, I found Marshall Law tedious in the extreme. Pat Mills doesn't like superheroes and looks down his nose at them, but I find some of his stuff tediously preachy. I lettered his 'Third World War' in 'Crisis' and it was a chore. Nothing against him personally, but I can't think of any of his strips I liked. (Not that I've read them all.)

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