Tuesday, 17 May 2016


DAILY RECORD back in 1982.  I liked the strip, so cut it
out and affixed it to my wall.  When we moved house in 1983,
I rescued it and put it on the wall of my room in our new home.
Four years later when we moved back to our previous abode, I
did the same thing in reverse, and there the strip has resided
for the last 28 and a half years.  Until recently that is.

As you can see, over time, the strip has rippled and faded
in the rays of the sun, although it wasn't directly exposed to
daylight.  Such is entropy.  I can't find any information about
collected editions of the strip, nor any images of it on the inter-
net, although there is a brief mention of it.  Therefore I had no
other choice but to try and restore the strip to something re-
sembling its former pristine glory.  What you see below
is the first step in that time consuming process.

Working from the above strip, I re-coloured each
panel as best I could, but I was presented with a problem.
The original colours had become so faded and washed out, I
simply couldn't discern what they were, except in a few isolated
cases.  (I'm slightly colour blind.)  My mission then became one
of making the strip look presentable so that I could restore it to
its place on the wall in a readable form.  I therefore ignored
trying to duplicate the original colour scheme and just
aimed at making it look as good as possible.

That's the finished result below.  Not perfect by any
means, but it took me many, many hours to re-ink most of
the line-work.  (I had to work on an A4 printout, which isn't
entirely conducive for restoring fine detail.)  That in itself was
another big problem, because I wasn't entirely sure what I was
looking at in some instances, even in its original version.  How-
ever, it doesn't look too bad, is readable, and destined for
replacement in its accustomed spot once I've finished
typing this post.  So, how did I do?

Paeans of praise are very welcome (hint, hint).


moonmando said...

Superb Kid. Indistinguishable from the original,if not better.

Kid said...

Cheque's in the post, Moony. Another one'll be on its way when you comment on my colour Jill & Bill strip.

Mark Carter said...

Nice restoration, mate. The most important thing is that it can go back on your wall and hopefully bring back happy memories.

Kid said...

Thanks, MC. It went back up last night, but it's strange to see it in all its pristine, un-faded newness. No doubt I'll get used to it.

Colin Jones said...

The new version looks terrific but why put it on the wall just to get spoiled again ? Keep it in a drawer and take it out to look at it whenever you want.

Kid said...

It won't get spoiled again, CJ, because I printed it out on card, which won't ripple and shouldn't fade. And if it did, I could just print out another one. The original lasted 34 years, and only deteriorated because it was on newsprint paper, which browns over time. I'd rather see the strip on its accustomed place on the wall.

Glas0101 said...

The strip is now eternal - at least until the asteroid impact which destroys civilization as we know it and the the uni-mind of the internet goes 'oh fek it'. That said I can understand why you kept it. I am pretty sure that, more years ago than i want to remember, I said pretty much the same thing.

Kid said...

Oo-er! So when's this asteroid impact due then?

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