Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

In July of 1997, MARVEL released many #1 issue featur-
ing untold tales relating to the origins of various characters, in
an event called FLASHBACK month.  HEROES REBORN titles
(like IRON MAN & The FANTASTIC FOUR) weren't included,
but those that were had a retro '60s look to the covers and letters
page logos that was good to see again for long-time Marvelites
who remembered how Marvel mags used to look.

Didn't get them all, but I got a fair number, so I thought
I'd share the covers with you here.  Part two is coming soon,
so don't forget to look in again or you'll miss them.


Colin Jones said...

On the Wolverine cover Nick Fury has no eyepatch. Is that because part of the tale is set in his howlin' commandos days ?

Kid said...

To be honest, CJ, I dunno - haven't read most of them, not even the ones in part two.

John Pitt said...

First time I have ever seen these, I must say they all look interesting, being X-Men related.

Kid said...

Must say that Bishop, Cable, Excalibur, Generation X and X-Force don't really appeal to me, JP. I just bought them to have the set, but there's still half a dozen others I never saw.

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