Sunday, 2 April 2017


Above is the original final caption box of THOR'S origin from
JIM #83 before it was changed to how it saw print, below.  (With
Thor missspelt as THORR.)  Interesting to see that perhaps Thor was
intended as a try-out character to test reader reaction before launching
him in a series.  I say "perhaps" because this may merely have been a
gimmick to make readers think they had a say in what was published.
I'd imagine that it's more than likely the next few episodes were
already lying in a drawer in STAN LEE's office.

UPDATE:  (See "Can anyone kindly
explain this mystery to me?" post.)

For those who are interested, here's the inferior, re-lettered
version from the first printing of the THOR MASTERWORKS
book, and subsequent re-printings up to the softcover release.

When I first saw the above abomination, I re-lettered a
new one (by hand) with amended spelling from the original -
and sent it to TOM BREVOORT for use in future reprintings.
It was never needed though, as superior stats of the original
proofs were eventually discovered.

Below is the original and my re-lettered version, side-by-side.


John Pitt said...

Worthy of a repost too, Kidda!
( BTW, are you better now? Hope so! )
I'll leave you with an ode ( for Odin! )
Thor, the Mighty Thunder God
Went riding on his filly,
" I'm Thor! ", he cried,
The horse replied,
" You've lotht your thaddle, thilly! "

Kid said...

Nah, still struggling with a chest infection of some kind, JP. My lungs are wheezing and crackling, so it's the doc for me if it doesn't clear up soon. Good ode.

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