Sunday, 30 April 2017


Just thought I'd show this cover because I like it.
It's now my ambition to have a book like this named
after me.  'The KID ROBSON Adventure Book'
certainly has a ring to it.  Any publishers out there
interested?  Hello?  (Hell of an echo in here.)


TC said...

The thing is, I can actually imagine a "Kid Robson Adventure Book." Maybe reprints of classic comics, with introductions and/or afterwords explaining stuff. "This was the last story illustrated by Kirby before he left Marvel for DC," "This horror story was Berni Wrightson's first professionally published work." That kind of thing.

Did Sir Roger actually have anything to do with his Adventure Book, like actually writing the introductions? Or did he just allow them to use his name and likeness? My guess would be the former.

Also, did the Adventure Book reprint stories from that "Roger Moore and the Crime Fighters" series? (Or maybe it was the "Crime Busters," or something similar.) My impression is that series was an imitation of The Three Investigators, with Moore sort of playing the Alfred Hitchcock role.

Kid said...

Right, that's it, it's official - TC is commenter of the month. See that, you guys? That's how to write a comment on this blog - humour my madness. I think I'll change the name of the blog to 'Kid Robson's Adventure Blog' and do that very thing, TC. Well, maybe not. I don't actually have the book, TC, just a picture of the cover, but I suspect he just allowed his name and likeness to be used. If there were an introduction purporting to be from Roger, I'd guess it was a sanctioned 'forgery'. The book was from the '60s, predating the Crimefighters series (there were only 6 of them) which first appeared in 1977 or '78.

TC said...

At the end of the second paragraph, I meant to say, "My guess would be the latter," not former. That is, Moore probably gave them permission to use his name and likeness, and he did not actually write anything for the book.

His 1973 book about his experiences making Live & Let Die was published in the US as "Roger Moore's James Bond Diary." If it turns out that it was ghost written, I will be terribly disillusioned.

Kid said...

I'd guessed that's what you'd meant anyway, TC. I wondered where Roger would've found the time to write the 'Live & Let Die' book while filming, but he probably made basic diary entries then expounded on them when it came time to write the book. Or an 'editor' (ghost writer) turned Rog's notes into the finished product. Will we ever know? Think I'll ask him.

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