Thursday, 6 April 2017


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Here's one I heartily recommend to everyone.  Nothing
can replace the book of course, but this is a worthy attempt to
portray this classic tale by KENNETH GRAHAME in the graphic
novel medium.  The art, by MICHEL PLESSIX is sumptuous, and
my only reservation is that the illustrations would obviously benefit
from being printed in a larger format.  This is the first volume in the
deluxe series and I'm sure you'll just love it, even if (unlikely as it
seems) you've never heard of the River-Bankers and Wild-
Wooders before.  Available now from FORBIDDEN
PLANET and, I imagine, all good book stores.


John Pitt said...

The art in all of the Classics Illustrated Comics was superb, I don't know any of the artists, but, a few years ago, I bought a few digitally from the Comicology App and was absolutely blown away by what I saw! Alright, they had been given a "Masterworks"-type makeover, but nobody can deny the detail from the original pencil work for these comics!

Kid said...

I've got a couple of original Classics Illustrated (Frankenstein and The Time Machine), JP, but this is one I HAD to have. Interestingly, Plessix's version was first published in 1996, and the English translation was lettered in a similar style to the original French edition. This one has been relettered by computer font, but the text has been changed in places to capture more of the spirit of Kenneth Grahame's original book.

Christopher Sobieniak said...

Maybe if I spot a copy going for cheap at Ollie's one day, I'll get it! I noticed they had a few of the Papercutz releases there a while back.

Kid said...

Keep your eyes peeled, CS, 'cos I'm sure you'd like it.

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