Tuesday, 11 April 2017


From SMASH! Annual 1967

Believe it or not, there once used to be two DOCTOR DOOMs
inhabiting the same comics universe.  As well as MARVEL's Doom,
there was also the evil adversary of The MAN From B.U.N.G.L.E.,
who appeared weekly in SMASH!, stablemate to WHAM!, which had
The FANTASTIC FOUR.  Both publications fell under the POWER
COMICS banner, both reprinted Marvel strips, and some of the U.K.
humour strips occasionally referred to the Marvel ones (like The
HUMBUGS in Wham! mentioning the FF one week).

So for any U.S. readers unaware of the fact, here's the second
Doctor Doom trying to do away with The Man from B.U.N.G.L.E.
 Okay, okay - yours existed first!  (But ours was funnier!)


(And, as revealed here, there was yet another Doctor Doom,
who was the foe of LITTLE ARCHIE.  I guess that makes our
DD the third one, not the second.  Nope, scratch that - DC had a
Doctor Doom who fought BATMAN in #158 of DETECTIVE
COMICS way back in 1950.  Ta to TC for the info.)


(And there's more! See BR's info in the comments section.)

And to save you having to turn your computer
screen upside down, here's the SOLUTION:


Britt Reid said...

Before Victor Von usurped the name, there were several Doctors Doom...
Fox's 1940s Science Comics featured a strip starring a traditional mad scientist who also popped up in Big 3 Comics after Science was cancelled.
Chesler's 1940s Yankee Comics featured a Dr Doom as the ongoing enemy of hero "The Echo". He was also the hero's brother!
A heroic Doctor Doom starred in an ongoing strip in the Novelty 1940s book Young King Cole and was later reprinted in Star's Criminals on the Run and Thrilling Crime Comics!
Thought you might like to know...

Kid said...

I think everyone will like to know, BR, so thanks for relaying that info. I just wish there were that many doctors available at my local medical centre. (Not necessarily named 'Doom' 'though - that might be a little off-putting.)

John Pitt said...

I have come across another one! - There was a Doctor Doom in the Starcruisers strip in Look-In ( 1977-9 )!

Kid said...

That name sure gets around, JP.

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