Saturday, 8 April 2017


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Well, I'm in repeat territory here, but not everyone will
have seen my prior post on this cover, so I should get away
with it.  (And unlike the BBC, there's no licence fee required to
view this blog.)  When JACK KIRBY initially drew the cover, he
put in more STONE MEN than appeared on the published mag.
However, STAN LEE's instincts as art editor were correct, as,
dramatic as the original version was, THOR The MIGHTY
was visually swamped by his descending foes and the
cover was just a tad too 'busy'.

I might have left some of the smaller Stone Men in as
it was mainly the one behind Thor that compromised the
layout, but maybe they'd have upset the balance of the final
composition.  It's difficult to be sure without seeing what
I have in mind right in front of my baby-blue eyes.

Below is a production stat I altered of the original
cover to show how I might have done things.


John Pitt said...

Yep, there were definitely too many stone men in the original!
The published version got it right!

Kid said...

It was certainly a lot clearer and effective. Stan usually knew what he was doing.

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