Friday, 14 April 2017


Then again, she may not.  You never
can tell with our TERESA.  This is what
she looks like before she takes off all her
make-up and goes to her day job running
the country.  You'd never believe it was
the same woman, would you?


baab said...

Hello Kid,yes she is/was a cracker.
Thats not why I am commenting.
I was in town today and as I was walking past a shop a pair of hands placed a SUPERCAR and what I am guessing is Thunderbird rocket diecast models on stands which seem authentic,I took a couple of quick snaps as I thought you may be interested.
If you post your e-mail here I could send them to you.
I dont think anyone else will be posting here and once I send the photos you can delete your info.

the shop was but there is nothing on the site.

baab said...

Its not a Thunderbird its a Fireball xl5.

Kid said...

Thanks, Baab, but mental as it sounds, there's a nut-job who scrutinises all my posts and their responses; he's always sending me wind-up comments (which I don't usually publish) and if he saw my email, who knows what nonsense he might get up to with it. You send me your email address, which I won't publish, and I'll get in touch. I'd guess I've got the Supercar one; if so, it's by Product Enterprise.

John Pitt said...

Hey, don't call me a nut-job!
I wouldn't care, - I popped on here to wish you a "HAPPY EASTER!"
( ....Hmmmph! - "nut-job" indeed!....)

Kid said...

Not to worry, Baab, I gave them a 'phone - it's the Product Enterprise Supercar and Fireball Xl5, at £55 each. Got two of each of them already. Thanks for letting me know 'though. They've got other Gerry Anderson stuff as well, if you're interested yourself.

Kid said...

Ah, so it's YOU, JP. (Gave yourself away.) Happy Easter to you (and everybody) too.

baab said...

No problem,Kid.
I had a wee look online and it is the Product Enterprises model,the other is the Fireball xl5 from the same company.
They were both priced at £55.
I see they retail for about £39.99,if you can get them.

No need for e-mail then.

And here was I thinking I had found some treasure!

Kid said...

When I bought my first ones (when they first came out), I think I paid around £30/£35 each for them. It wasn't that long before I picked up some spare ones from A1 Books & Comics for £19.99 each. Someone I know got the Stingray one from TK Maxx for a tenner.

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