Monday, 10 April 2017


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Above is a production stat of the cover to AVENGERS
#4 as originally drawn and lettered, below as it was published.
As you can see, CAPTAIN AMERICA's right head winglet has
been altered to match the left one, and the jagged outline around
the larger caption has been removed, along with the words 'THE
REAL'.  This was in reference to a Cap impostor having recently
appeared in a HUMAN TORCH story in STRANGE TALES
#114.  MARVEL obviously wanted us to know the original was
back, but then must've realised that we were smart enough
to figure that out for ourselves.  The SUB-MARINER
caption has also been slightly repositioned.

Marvel amended the production stat for their first
printing of The Avengers MARVEL MASTERWORKS
in 1988, but overlooked the head winglet.  Below is how
it appeared in that valiant volume.


John Pitt said...

It's nice to know that Stan placed so much importance on the covers!
He obviously scoured every detail in search of perfection!

Kid said...

He's obviously a man ('the man') after my own heart, JP.

Mike said...

That was cool. Only us comic fanatics would care too.

Kid said...

That's because we've got our priorities right, M.

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