Friday, 28 April 2017


Time now for some more original art, in this instance BAD
PENNY by LEO BAXENDALE, from the back page of SMASH!
#156, January 25th 1969.  I've scanned the first two panels as one, as
they have a caption running across both of them.  And, although you can
enlarge the panels by clicking on them, I've repeated the last one in two
bigger halves for greater visual impact.  The strip has been drawn on two
thin sheets of card, extended on the right-hand side, then stuck down on
a thicker piece of art board.  To give you all an idea of how poorly these
pages were treated in storage, this one has footprints on the back, in-
dicating that it was lying face down on the floor at some stage and
walked over.  (Or perhaps lay on top of a pile of art used as a
 step to reach something on a high shelf.)  Shameful, eh?

And look at the street name in the panel below.  Is this
what you'd describe as a Nightmare on Elm Street?

And here's the published page as readers would have seen it back in 1969.


John Pitt said...

Got it first time you posted it.
Got it again now , TOO good to pass up on!
Wish Penny had met Minnie!

Kid said...

I always preferred Bad Penny, 'though they were essentially the same character. I suppose a team-up could still happen if whoever owns the copyright to Penny could work something out with DCT. Tom Paterson would be the ideal man to draw it.

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