Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Okay, hands up if you ever had a pair of WAYFINDERS MOON-
SHOT shoes back in the late '60s or early '70s.  I did, and it's amazing
how excited one can get over seeing one's footprints in the mud.  If any-
thing, kids walked in mud more often, just to see the imprint of their shoes
in it.  The good things about these shoes (apart from the undersides) were
the free LETRASET transfers and the lunar space capsule with a magnet
on the back, enabling you to make it glide above the moon's surface on a
backdrop printed inside the box.  I wish they still made these shoes
today, 'cos I for one would definitely buy a pair.

Do you remember these shoes, readers?  If so, reminisce away
to your hearts' content in our scintillating comments section.


paul Mcscotty said...

Nice to see the full advert for these again, I always wanted the "Moon shoes" as a kid but I got the ones with the animal tracks and compass ( I think they came out first)- Great days

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I had a similar pair with a compass hidden in the heel, or is my memory playing up?


Kid said...

I think I had a pair of them as well, PM, 'cos I remember the compass. Yeah, I think they came out first. The Moonshot shoes probably came out near the time of the lunar landings.


No, T, your memory isn't playing tricks, as PM's comment testifies. As PM says, great days, eh?

Anonymous said...

Posted at the same time! Yes had forgotten all about those. Slightly off subject but It has just reminded me of my Loafer shoes and hammering metal pieces into the leather heel, which when walking sounded like tap dancers walking down the road!


Kid said...

'Segs' they were called in Britain. Used to have them myself from time to time. Not on my Doc Martins, obviously.

Steve said...

I don't remember the Space Shoes but I had a pair of the shoes with the compass in the heel.
On the soles of the shoes were prints of animal paws.
If I recall correctly they were called Pathfinders.
Oh happy days

Kid said...

Yup, S, that's what they were called. The comic strip adverts for them are on the blog somewhere. Type Clarks Commandos into the search box and they should pop up.

WOODSY said...

Superb post Kid! I enjoyed looking for it but I had to keep stopping at Babes of the Day! Seeing the moonscape on the soles of the shoes brought it all back. What a fantastic gimmick. I'd forgotten about the free space age gifts. What a cool way of selling shoes! As for the little flip-up hatch inside the inner heal, well that's just the biz. Magnet or compass it was all us Sixties kids wanted! I wonder if anything else could slot in there? A half pence? A spangle? Well, maybe not a spangle. You'd end up with melted spangle socks!

Kid said...

And as everybody knows, Woodsy, Spangle socks and toe jam is just not a good combination. Glad you enjoyed the post (and the babes) and having your memory prompted.

Tony K said...

Great topic Kid... and wonderfully illustrated with the vintage adverts. All the best, Tony K :)

Kid said...

Thanks, TK, glad you enjoyed seeing the ads again.

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