Monday, 3 April 2017


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

I didn't mind VINCE COLLETTA inking JACK KIRBY's
pencils on FANTASTIC FOUR, which he did from #s 40-43,
as well as Annual #3.  In fact, I think he did a good job, but poor-
quality reprints lost much of his fine detail and unfairly damaged
his reputation.  Just thought I'd throw that in for free, 'cos it was
FRANK GIACOIA (using the name Frank Ray) who inked
the contents of the above issue, with the cover being inked by
CHIC STONE and WALLACE WOOD (who inked the
figure of DAREDEVIL).  Pretty good result, eh?

(Once again, Jack has made The THING, in this
case a remote-controlled robot, far too small.)


John Pitt said...

All said and done though, it was a good story in the battle for the Baxter Building. I think this may have been the first time I met DD?

Kid said...

Yes, that story was a nice little run - enjoyed reading it in Smash! (I think) back in the '60s.

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